Birds of Prey by Gustan Koumantaros © 2014

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Show me love that burns to pieces,
spoken on tongues
that express the feeling.
I’m unknown to you,
yet caring.
You speak to me
and your love fills sparingly.

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“What do you do with so much love to give and no one to give it to? 
What do you do with a heart that’s about to burst because no one can hear it beat? 
How do you learn to look people in the eye when all they ever see is what’s behind you? 
How do you continue to give when you’re already in debt? 
How do you learn to fall again when all it ever taught you was that your scars are only a reminder of the times no one was there to catch you?”

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When you’re six years old
They fail to tell you at school
How one day
Going home will terrify you.
And you will forget what it feels like
To cry for a place when
You begin to cry for a

When you are eight years old
They will forget to mention that
Some of us will end up sick
All of the time and
Not when you just don’t
Wash your hands.
Some of us will end up
Crippled but deemed
Able bodied
To the eye.

When you are ten years old
You will realize that everyone is now
A bit cruel and how the word
” therapy “
Seems deafening to those who
Used to always be around.

They forget to tell you that
At thirteen years old
Everything will be shattered
And while everyone else talks
About the future of
Rich husbands and being
Animal doctors
You don’t talk at all because
You know that they forgot to tell you that
At fourteen years old,
Your future will be a
Fucking six foot deep
Cave in the ground,

Dug just for you to
Personally explore.

~ what they forgot to say in grade school (10/15/14) by Baleigh Thompson (via chamomilemoon)

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“I just want cute bras, nice tattoos and a chance to see the world.”

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Anonymous asked:

How much did it cost to see and meet Demi?

Other than gas $0.00

i hope you think of me.

i hope you think of the slope of my nose and the arch in my brows.
i hope you think of the rise and fall of my chest with every breath i took, how i breathed for you.

it was all for you.

i hope you think of the wrinkles in the corners of my eyes when i smiled, and i hope you think of how i’ll never smile at you again.
and i hope it hurts.

i hope the syllables of my name are printed in black ink on your tongue and i hope she sees the mark i left on you, oh no it may not have been good but by god it is permanent.

i hope her name feels out of place between your teeth because you were so used to saying mine.

you see, from the very beginning i wanted to engrave myself into you, i wanted to embed my signature with melted gold and red lipstick, i wanted it to look pretty, but we were over so fast i had to scratch it into your chest with my hands.

i still have your blood encrusted beneath my fingernails, like i still have the shreds of our Polaroid pictures that i never quite grew angry enough to throw away.

i hope you haven’t let go of me yet. please don’t let go of me.

i hope you think of me, because all i do, is think of you.

~ it’s so hard to handle you being gone, please come back // c.h. (via poeticaffinity)

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“I think the image of you and her still keeps me awake at night because I know first-hand how hard it is to completely rid your thoughts of someone who once made your hand tremble whenever they looked into your eyes.”

~ I wish I knew how to erase her memory, IS. (via throughouthenight)

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I can’t get better over night so don’t think I will

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“We often find ourselves letting others color in the parts of us we don’t talk about, but we aren’t a portrait, we aren’t papers and pens, we aren’t a canvas for others to draw on we are the artist holding the paintbrush we are the sculptors molding the clay we are the painter and that will never change.”

~ m.n. (via unscriptedconfabulationmn)

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Offensive statements about girls and women are more common than you think. Everyday, females around the world hear rude and abusive words towards them, so Brazilian illustrator Carol Rossetti decided to do everything that was in her hands to change that.

The artist created a series of supportive illustrations, called “Women”, that helps motivate women in their struggle against gender prejudices and women discrimination. The on-going project started in May, and Rossetti publishes her work on her blog and Facebook. Although the images were originally created in Portuguese, the popular illustrator got some help in translating them into other languages.

The message couldn’t be clearer: girl power! (via Bored Panda)

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My co-worker’s puppy fell asleep on her desk. Not much work got done that day

it looks like a little polar bear aw

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“I can’t believe I ever said
your eyes were
like sea glass
Your eyes are shattered
bottles in an alleyway
and I’ve cut myself
too many times
stumbling around in
the dark
I’m sorry but
I love you in the
only way people can
love broken things
Eventually we learn
that we cannot
save them
Eventually we learn
to let them go”

~ K.W.K, i stopped loving broken things (via karlynnwrites)

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